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2Know Founders & Sponsors


Jennifer Webster & Jennifer Browne


2Know was created by the Jen's to provide a deconstruction of misguided understandings surrounding the complex issues we face today. Their vision for 2Know is to unite people with common concerns to find meaning amongst constant change, and learn how to incorporate the unknown into our lives for positive results.


Benefit Source, Inc.


Benefit Source, Inc., has been designing, implementing and administering employee benefit programs for almost 40 years. We work closely with employers to build systems that support and protect their people while leveraging the human potential of their people. We do that with our unique approach geared towards training the mind to think differently.

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Onebody3 works with organizations experiencing change that have a desire to enhance their culture by executing purpose.  Onebody3 is not the answer, but the guide to connecting individuals and companies to their untapped potential. Purpose is the new benefit that employers are looking for.  Through the discovery of purpose and the power of transformational change, Onebody3 programs are the catalyst to creating healthy culture and purposeful corporate environments; equipping individual contributors with new purpose, new well-being and renewed spirits.


The Onebody3 model can be found in corporate environments, in the church, in school systems, and in public forums – for profit and non-profits alike.  The programs and services are created to be highly customizable – connecting to leadership, organizational change, or any transition as a group or as an individual. 

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